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Printing & Design

Printing & Design

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Printing & Design

Plastic ID Cards

Printing & Design

As a visual security cue, the design and appearance of an ID card or badge is very important.  Carefully considering card design and features can make the card more secure, durable and appealing to cardholders and users.

When designing an ID card, there are a number of features to choose from to incorporate into the layout of the card:

Photo – Including a photo is one of the strongest visual security elements making it easy for security personnel and other people in the building and program to match the card to the right cardholder.

Graphics – Besides a photo, companies and organizations may also want to include their company logo to really make the card stand out.

Text – Usually there will be some text on an ID card with information such as the name of the cardholder, their job title, or even their level of security clearance.

Security features – Adding security elements to an ID card program is important to maintaining the integrity and authenticity of the program.  These elements will need to be carefully considered and designed around when planning the layout of the program's ID cards.  Some common security elements include magnetic stripe encoding, contactless and proximity card technology, lamination, watermarks, barcodes, and holographic overlays.  These security elements are also important when it comes to determining the functions of an ID card.

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