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Badge Software

ID card design software makes it easy to create unique, custom badges for your business. With a wide range of features and options, you can find badge software for every need.

ID Badge Software

The advent of ID badge software has made traditional cut-and-paste methods of badge-making obsolete. New software programs, designed specifically for the task of creating high-quality ID badges, simplify the process while offering end-users flexibility along with a wide variety of powerful security options.

Attributes of ID Badge Software


ID card software programs are designed with the user in mind. The software is intuitive, allowing even new users to move smoothly through the process of generating secure ID badges without difficulty.

Custom Design Features

Create custom IDs in mere minutes. Most badge software programs give you the option of choosing from existing templates, or creating your own custom card design. The software allows you to effortlessly place photos, graphics, logos, electronic signatures, barcodes, and a range of other security features directly into your design with a few simple mouse clicks.

Security Options

Today's ID badges are capable of containing a significant amount of information. ID card software enables users to determine what types of security features should be incorporated to best meet the needs of their desired ID card solutions. Available features include:

  • Barcoding
  • Magnetic stripe encoding
  • Holographic overlaminate
  • Smart card technology
  • Proximity and RFID card technology
  • Biometrics (such as fingerprint capture)

Easy Integration and Database Support

Most ID card software systems are capable of supporting a variety of existing database programs, allowing for easy data management and record selection. Powerful tools such as database editing and filtering are also available.

ID card software programs are compatible with badge printers from a number of different manufacturers. When selecting your software, check to make sure that it's compatible with the printer you plan on using, and that together, they form a system capable of creating ID badges with the features and functions you require.

AlphaCard offers powerful ID badge software solutions including AlphaCard ID Suite for PC, AlphaCard ID Builder for Mac, AlphaCard Visitor Pass visitor management software, and AlphaCard School ID.

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