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Visual Security on ID Cards

Visual Security on ID Cards

Visual Security on ID Cards

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Visual Security on ID Cards

Plastic ID Cards

Visual Security on ID Cards

The need for more ID card security in today's world is pervasive. From preventing identity theft to reducing the threat of terrorism, organizations are heightening their response to security needs in the workplace. By incorporating visual security elements into ID cards, organizations are reinforcing the value of safer, more secure environments. And with the breadth of alternatives available, adding security features to cards need not compromise budgets or implementation timelines. Most visual security features can be applied to the card in a single pass through the ID card printer.

Secure Foils

The term "visual security" covers a wide range of security solutions for cards. At the very basic level, a color photograph on a badge worn around the neck makes it easier to identify authorized (and unauthorized) individuals. Adding custom-designed, secure foils to cards makes it even easier to visually verify the authenticity of cardholders and cards.

  • VeriMark Cards - tamper-resistant, easily verified. Secure, metallic foils on cards. Permanent, easy-to-identify visual counterfeit deterrent.
  • HoloMark Cards - level of security mirrors holographic foils on credit cards. Can be designed with hidden features such as nanotext, laser-viewable images, microtext and flip imaging.

ID Card Security

Secure Standard Holograms

Transferring holographic overlaminates onto cards helps protect the printed image from being altered and makes it easy to recognize authorized cards. Purchasing a stock design makes holographic overlaminates more affordable. However, since the design can be purchased by anyone, it delivers only limited security. Fargo offers two such "off-the-shelf" designs:

  • Standard Fargo Globe Holographic Overlaminate - high-resolution globe with micro-text
  • Standard Fargo HoloMark Seal - a 1" x 1" seal with high-resolution globe design; manually applied after card is printed

Secure Custom Holograms

Custom holograms help protect against the threat of counterfeiting and make your entire ID system and facility more secure. Fargo works with a handful of expert holographers around the world to create holographic art. With a great deal of skill, time and very costly precision equipment, these experts "engineer" custom holograms containing multiple security features like micro-text, UV printing and precision repeats of the design. These security features are very difficult to duplicate and provide your ID cards with differing levels of security, as outlined below:

Mechanical (Optical Variable Device)

  • One diffractive angle, or color of refraction; entire image is either visible or not visible as card is tilted
  • Works well only for images with simple, bold graphics or text
  • Level of security: entry to mid-level

Low Resolution (Hologram)

  • Allows for more than one diffractive angle and color of refraction; image changes color and different parts of the image appear separately as card is tilted
  • Image is less crisp than mechanical; it should be simple and bold with very little detail
  • Level of security: mid to high

High Resolution (Hologram)

  • More than one diffractive angle and color refraction; image appears to change color; different parts of the image appear when card is shifted
  • Great for images with intricate detail and fine lines; sharp detail is reproducible
  • Multiple high security features can be built in, such as micro-lettering
  • Level of security: high to extremely high

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