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Club Identity Cards

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Club Identity Cards


Undoubtedly you've heard the phrase "card-carrying member" before, and identity cards are indeed a basic feature of many clubs, no matter the goals or the membership base. Giving identity cards to club members brings many benefits to both club members and to organizers, including:

  • Sense of Identity – Many club members, especially in social clubs like Kiwanis or Elks club, are proud of their club accomplishments and carry an identity card to show that they are part of a larger group. A member identity card can establish a sense of community between members.
  • Benefits and Discounts – Clubs often issue identity cards to help their members receive certain benefits. For example, clubs like the American Automobile Association (AAA) issue cards to their members so they may receive services like roadside assistance and get discounts on many purchases like hotel rooms and airline tickets. Discount warehouse clubs give cards to their members to both grant entry into a club and receive discounts on items in stores.


What goes on a club identity card depends on many things, but the main factors are mostly the card's purpose and what benefits the card may bring. An identity card for a club could range from a simple plastic card with a name, photo and title, to a photo ID badge with personal information like birth date and address andeven magnetic stripe or proximity card technology.

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