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Smart Patient ID Cards

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Smart Patient ID Cards


It’s not unusual for hospitals to issue ID cards to patients, but historically those cards have contained very little information – the patient’s name, some minimal personal info, and perhaps a photo. That’s all starting to change however as healthcare facilities explore the benefits of smart card technology. By implementing smart card programs for patients, hospitals can significantly cut down on paperwork while bringing a great deal of convenience to new and returning patients.


One of the aims of using smart patient ID cards is to eliminate the pain of having to fill out lengthy forms every time you visit the hospital. Some hospitals now issue smart ID cards that store your personal information. The data is contained on an embedded smart chip and can only be accessed when you enter your personal identification number. Rather than spending 20 minutes filling out forms each time you check in or see a new doctor, the information from your smart card can provide the necessary data in seconds. Not only is the process much faster, but it’s also more accurate, with no chance of human error which can take place when someone transfers info from paper forms into a database.

Along with storing personal information for the patient check-in process, it’s also possible for smart patient ID cards to be linked with insurance carriers, healthcare providers and financial institutions. The smart chip provides options for a wide range of functionality. 

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