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Identification Systems

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Identification Systems


Employee Identification Systems

An identification system can help you run your growing business more efficiently. If you have an existing employee attendance and time system and a separate building access system, issuing your own customized employee ID cards with your own, in-house ID card printer can help you combine these two integral aspects of running a business. With the proper identification software, you can even keep detailed logs of who enters and exits your facility at what time-- a helpful feature for security-conscious industries.

Place a magnetic stripe reader at facility access points so that only employees may enter unannounced; then, employees may swipe the cards to clock in and out. If you have security personnel, an ID card system makes it possible for them to verify an individual's identity first by sight and then through a computer system. This can be especially helpful if you run a larger company with an access hierarchy. If an individual is not authorized to enter certain parts of your facility, your security staff can monitor this simply by scanning or swiping that individual's ID card. And if you have a security breach, many advanced ID and visitor management software programs will alert you instantly.

Student Identification Systems

Identification systems can also be beneficial for educators. From small primary schools to large universities, you can apply a multitude of function to your student ID cards. Parents might find it useful to pin an ID card to a small child in case that child gets lost and cannot remember his or her phone number or address. The cards may also be used as cafeteria credit cards so that lunch money cannot be stolen or lost, since the credit is still stored in your computer system even if the card itself gets misplaced. In a university setting, student ID cards may also be used as campus credit cards, building access cards and more.

Identification Systems - Important Considerations

  • How many students or employees are in your care? If you will be printing hundreds of cards, choose a high-volume pvc card printer like the Zebra ZXP 7or the Fargo HDP5000.
  • Do you have significant security concerns? If so, you might want to get a secure, industrial-strength printer like the Fargo HDP5000, the Evolis Quantum or the Evolis Securion. And you'll need professional ID card software like AlphaCard
  • Do you plan on incorporating smart card or magnetic stripe technology? These technologies allow you to store more details and information on your cards; these technologies are also essential if you plan to create ID cards that function as access key or time cards as well.

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