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Hospitals ID Badge

Doctors, nurses and other hospital staff often use ID cards for identification and access control to keep the building safe and secure. Learn more about hospital ID cards and where to buy below.

Hospital ID Cards

With hundreds of patients, doctors, surgeons, staff and visitors walking the halls of hospitals every day, security and identification can quickly become a concern. Hospital ID cards - whether they're for staff, patients, or visitors (or a combination thereof) can help staff organize and secure a large number of people in a busy environment. ID cards for doctors and nurses can be simple blank ID cards, or proximity cards that allow for access control.

ID cards at hospitals can be used in a variety of ways, and multipurpose ID cards with several features can be a boon for hospital efficiency.

Possible uses for hospital ID badges include:

  • Identification - photo ID cards for doctors, staff, and long term patients can help distinguish who's who in the hospital. Having visible ID cards can help make operations more efficient as well as help security staff filter out unauthorized visitors easily, especially with visible temporary visitor badges.
  • Access control - access control technology can help secure a hospital by limiting access only to certified cardholders at certain times. For example, operating rooms could be limited to specific surgeons and staff at scheduled operating times. Access control policies could control everything from wings and wards to individual patient rooms.
  • Efficient record-keeping - many hospitals are beginning to assign ID cards and tracking materials to patients to make treatment and hospital stays more efficient and easy for everyone involved. A dynamic patient tracking system (with RFID cards or other smart technology can make check in, check out, treatment, and visiting times accurate and easy for all parties involved
  • Payment cards - Hospital cards with an integrated payment system can make staff purchases at cafeterias and gift shops easy.
  • Time and attendance - Understand when certain individuals enter parts of the building.

Hospital Badge Accessories

ID cards can be carried in a variety of ways. The following are common items doctors, nurses and hospital personnel use to show their badges:

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