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Student ID Debit Card Programs

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Student ID Debit Card Programs


Many colleges and universities now incorporate debit card functionality into their ID card programs. Today’s student IDs can serve a variety of functions beyond simple photo identification, and purchasing power is certainly one of the more convenient options available. Depending on the program, student IDs can be used to make payments at select campus locations and for applications such as printing, laundry, and making photocopies. Or, in some cases, they act as fully-functional debit cards for purchases at stores and businesses both on and off campus.

A typical student ID debit program features individual accounts for each student. Students and parents can place funds directly into the account at specific campus locations or online. Account information is stored securely within a magnetic stripe on the card. Not only does this provide the students with convenient purchasing power, but it also cuts down on the risk involved with carrying around large amounts of loose cash. The cash is in the card. Another benefit of student ID debit card programs is their ability to reduce students’ reliance on credit cards, a problem that often leads to serious debt.

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