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School Cards

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School Cards


Student ID cards are one of the most popular forms of ID cards. Schools develop and implement ID card programs to not only identify their students and faculty but to streamline and combine applications such as eating in the school cafeteria and checking out books from the library. Student ID card programs increase school security
and make everyday operations more efficient

A student ID card can take many forms - from a simple, single-sided monochrome card for basic identification, to a secure, dual-sided card with encoded information and multiple functions. Cards vary widely from school to school. Choosing how best to implement a student ID program largely depends on the size of the school and the range of functions the card needs to perform. ID card systems used for printing student ID badges can focus the use and design of ID cards towards security, functionality, or identification to create a unique program that fulfills a school's identification needs.


Our Schools and Students section has comprehensive information on student ID cards and school badges for grade schools right on up to large universities. Learn more about designing and encoding school ID cards and the versatile benefits school ID programs can offer



School ID Badge Maker Resources


ID badge makers can be an extremely valuable addition to any school. Student ID cards have existed for years, but only for cursory items like library cards and in some cases, in the cafeteria. Now, with more schools adopting mandatory ID card policies, the addition of an ID badge maker can make the ID process at any school much more easy and effective. Many printers, especially the Zebra P330m, offer technology that delivers cards at a breakneck pace with little to no maintenance. Others, like the Fargo HDP5000, offer extremely secure card printing with a suite of features that may be mixed and matched to meet specific needs. The most important part in selecting an ID card printer, however, is determining the specific needs of the school and the specific purpose of the printer.


Questions to Ask When Considering a School Badge Printer

  • What will the cards be used for? This is perhaps the most important question to ask about a school badge printer. Determining the use of the card can help determine which features a printer will require and which printers to consider
  • How many cards per year will be printed? It may not seem significant, but the number of cards printed can play a large role in the printer. Printer supplies vary from brand to brand, and what may seem to be a less expensive option may cost more in the long run because of grouped card cartridges and ribbons. Ask your friendly Alpha Card Expert to figure out what the best supply range is for you
  • Projected growth. Card printers are a long-term investment, and can be used for five to ten years without needing replacement. Therefore, long term projections about student body growth and card purpose is useful to make the most prudent choice. Fargo printers are perfect for school ID badges because of their scaleability - a simple Fargo printer can be upgraded to an ultra-secure model with the addition of modules.

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