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Employee Access Control

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Access Control System

More than just a photo ID card, access control systems use prox cards (and even smart cards) to unlock doors, gain access to your company's network, pay for printing, and so much more!

Employee Access Control Systems

Many companies, both large and small, are now issuing employee IDs capable of doing much more than simply identifying the cardholder. Employee ID badges can be integrated with access control systems for office buildings, restricted areas, and even company computers and networks. The benefits of this type of access control are many. Consider a corporate workplace for instance. In such a setting it's typical for both full time and temporary workers to require access to buildings and networks. By integrating employee IDs with access control, the badges can be activated and disabled as workers come and go. Say a temporary worker's contract comes to an end, the badge can simply be deactivated.

Type of Access Control Systems

There are several different technologies used for card-based employee card systems.

Magnetic Stripes

Magnetic stripe cards store secure information encoded on a magnetic strip. By sliding the card through a special reader, an employee can gain entry to specific buildings and designated areas.

Prox Cards

Another highly popular method utilizes proximity (or RFID) card technology. With proximity cards, the information is embedded in the card, and the cardholder must simply waive the card within range of a card reader. The system can be designed so that specific workers are able to gain access to certain buildings and areas that require authorization.

Smart Cards

When it comes to controlling access to computers and networks, smart cards are an excellent option. Typically, these cards contain information on a smart chip embedded into the card. The employee uses the card to log in and gain access to the company network. These cards can also be used for cashless payment, access control, and more.

If your organization is looking to implement an employee ID solution with a focus on access control, you'll need an ID card printer built to handle your specific requirements. Shop AlphaCard's wide selection of ID card printers.

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