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Entertainment Cards

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Entertainment Cards


Large events such as concerts and sporting events, for instance, require a high level of security. Anytime big crowds gather, safety is a major concern. By issuing ID cards or VIP passes to specific concert goers, it's easier to control who has access to certain parts of a venue, say a club lounge, or back stage. This prevents unauthorized intruders from going where they shouldn't, and provides cardholders with the special priveledges granted by the pass.

For sporting events, many teams are now issuing electronic tickets to season ticket holders. These tickets, which often come in the form of a single smart card, help to reduce waste by eliminating the need to carry a paper ticket to each game, and also offer convenience. The season ticket holder can gain access to every game by using the same smart card.

Other common examples of card use in the entertainment industry include movie gift cards and movie membership cards which are issued by theaters, and video store cards. These types of cards offer convenience, as well as rewards, to frequent patrons.

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