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School Library Card

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School Library Card


With a library card printer, you may produce your own custom student ID cards that won't just sit in your students' wallets. Your cards can also function as school library cards, cafeteria meal cards and rewards cards that grant or revoke privileges based on behavior and scholastic achievement. It's becoming more common for schools to incorporate student ID cards into everyday student life, and school library cards can be just one of several functions of your glossy new cards.


In a school environment, distributing student library cards can help you encourage your students to read. Create rewards programs for your K-8 students by giving prizes for the students who check out (and read) the most books. In addition to using ID cards for school security, a student ID card can also keep your students' lunch money safe; by using a student ID as a lunchroom credit card, you can deter theft and ensure that every student receives a meal. This also may keep students who receive government hot lunches from embarrassment, since all students may use their student ID cards as meal cards without divulging that information.

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