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Gaming & Casino Cards

Browse our Casinos and Gaming ID Card section to learn more about how ID cards can benefit the gaming industry. Inspired to start your own casino ID card program? Contact one of our friendly ID card experts today


The combination of an endless stream of clientele, a need for security, and a large staff make ID cards and membership rewards cards a great solution for casinos and the gaming industry. Casino and gaming cards present limitless possibilities for business growth and expansion - from employee ID cards to rewards cards and "cash" cards that can be used instead of chips, ID card printers and casinos are a perfect fit.

Just a few of the ways that ID cards and membership badges can benefit casinos:

  • Employee ID Badges - casinos traditionally have rather large staffs, especially newer buildings with integrated hotels. ID badges for casino employees can help identify different employees and ensure that the right people are in the right places at all times. Cards can also be encoded with time and attendance features to make bookkeeping and scheduling easier and more efficient
  • Access Control - because of all the money that changes hands in casinos, tough and rigorous security is paramount. Access control cards can restrict access to sensitive areas like safes and cash registers.
  • Membership Rewards Cards - offering rewards and discounts to return customers through a membership reward card can boost sales and create a loyal customer base for sustained business.
  • Cash Cards - reduce theft and increase revenue by using payment cards to track winnings and losses instead of chips. Cards can be "charged" or refilled with money at the cashier's station or with kiosks, and can be cashed out in the same way.

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