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Hospital Visitor ID Badges

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Hospital Visitor ID Badges

Hospitals usually require visitors to have visitor badges. Find hospital visitor badges for your facility and learn more below.

Hospital Visitor IDs

There are many different elements that must be considered when setting up an effective hospital security system. Video surveillance, alarms, and employee ID badges are all excellent ways to better protect patients, doctors, hospital staff and important medical records. While it’s commonplace for most hospitals to require all doctors and employees to wear photo identification hospital badges or nurse ID badges, another way to incorporate medical IDs is to issue temporary ID badges to all visitors entering the hospital.

Why Issue Temporary Badges?

With a visitor badge system in place, anyone roaming the facility without visible identification is easy to spot and likely doesn’t have authorization to be in the building. Everyone who enters the hospital is required to register before receiving a hospital badge and gaining access. In fact, many visitor badge systems can even be integrated with access control systems so that individual visitors are only allowed to gain access to specific areas. This can be done with sophisticated technology such as magnetic stripe encoding and proximity card technology while a simple, cheap method utilized by some facilities involves color coding the medical ID cards in order to distinguish what areas the badge holder is allowed to enter.

Different types of medical centers have different security requirements. Choosing the appropriate ID card printer and software for a hospital visitor badge system depends on each facility’s individual needs. If your hospital is looking to implement a visitor ID badge system, contact AlphaCard today at 1-800-717-8080 to learn more about your options.

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