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Public Transit Passes

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Public Transit Passes


Transit passes come in a broad range of forms that vary from transportation system to transportation system. Many cities rely on prepaid bus and subway passes that utilize magnetic stripe technology. The rider swipes the card every time he or she boards a bus or enters a station and the fare is deducted from the card. It’s also common for these cards to function on a monthly basis, so that the card is effective for limitless rides until the month comes to an end. For serious commuters, there can even be an option for year-long passes that must simply be shown to the driver in order to board. Such cards are prone to fraudulent reproduction however, so security features such as lamination and holographics are typically added.

One direction many transportation departments are heading is to build passes that cross over multiple transit systems. Imagine the convenience of having a student ID, for instance, that works for university shuttles, metro buses, and the subway system. Or, say you’re a commuter who rides the ferry and bus systems daily – to have a card that works for both is a nice luxury, one that is becoming more and more common. More About Transit Passes Proximity Technology and Mass Transit

New, more advanced technology, is also helping in this push towards multifunctionality, creating a broader reach for transit passes with rechargeable smart cards and proximity cards leading the charge. Smart cards can store a significant amount of information and offer a high level of security while providing enhanced functionality, while proximity (RFID) cards provide the added convenience of enabling users to pay fares with the simple wave of the card in front of a reader.

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