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ID Applications

ID Applications

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ID Card Solutions

ID Applications

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One of the most popular and common uses for cards is identification. Learn more about how and why businesses, organizations and governments all over the world choose to identify employees and citizens with identification cards.

Learn more about Identification

Access Control

Developments in technology have made card-based access control systems popular for businesses, schools and other groups everywhere. Learn more about how access control works and what types of technology access control systems can use.

Learn more about Access Control


The versatility of plastic cards and card printers has increased greatly thanks to technological developments. Learn how new card technology has made multipurpose cards possible - and how multipurpose cards can make your business or organization more efficient.

Learn more about Multifunctional Cards


A membership card - whether it's to a club, a gym, or a discount store - can improve sales and boost profits.

Learn more about Membership Cards

Employee Badges

Employee ID cards are used by businesses everywhere to increase efficiency and organization. Learn more about employee ID card technology and how new developments in card printing have helped make employee ID more advanced and flexible than ever.

Learn more about Employee Badges


Along with bringing more customers and increasing sales, loyalty cards at grocery stores and other retail outlets can be a valuable method of market research. Learn more about how loyalty cards can improve your business and grow a dedicated customer database inside.

Learn more about Loyalty Cards

Payment Cards

From bank-issued credit and debit cards, to retail gift cards, to student IDs with cashless payment functionality, payment cards come in a variety of forms, and are used for a number of industries and applications.

Learn more about Payment Cards

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