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ID Card Solutions

Healthcare ID Cards Pic

Employee ID

Many employers, both big and small, now issue ID cards to their employees as a way to improve security and to identify workers. These cards range from basic photo IDs, to sophisticated, multifunctional cards that integrate with access control and time and attendance systems.

School ID Cards Pic

School ID

Colleges, universities, high schools, and even elementary schools have embraced ID card programs as part of a committed effort to improve security on school grounds and campuses. It's also common for student ID cards to serve a variety of convenient functions.

Non-Profit ID Cards Pic

Non-Profit Organizations

Non-profit groups and charitable organizations turn to ID cards as a way to assist in their day-to-day operations, from producing photo IDs for employees and volunteers, to launching ID programs that aid in disaster relief efforts.

Membership ID Cards Pic

Membership ID Cards

A membership ID program is a great way to establish loyalty, whether for retail customers or members of a health club and sporting group. Membership IDs help to identify who belongs in a certain club or facility, and can also be integrated into rewards programs.

Police ID Cards Pic

Police ID Cards

A membership ID program is a great way to establish loyalty, whether for retail customers or members of a health club and sporting group. Membership IDs help to identify who belongs in a certain club or facility, and can also be integrated into rewards programs.

Fire Department ID Cards Pic

Fire Department ID Cards

Fire department cards play a critical role in identifying firefighters and emergency personnel. They can also be integrated into access control systems for fire stations and serve many other important functions.

Military Badges Pic

Military Badges

Military ID badges identify military personnel and help to secure facilities and highly sensitive data. The most common military badges are those which are issued to Armed Forces members and their dependents.

Government ID Pic

Government ID

Government ID programs demand the highest level of sophistication and security. This is where ID card technology truly shines in terms of functionality and advanced security, with elements such as biometrics, holograms, and embedded smart chips.

Security ID Badges Pic

Security ID Badges

Security badges play a key role in identifying security workers, and controlling access to restricted areas where only authorized personnel are allowed.

Church ID Pic

Church ID Cards

Church ID card programs work to secure church facilities while also helping to expand church membership and community involvement. ID cards are often issued to church members as well as staff.

Gym and Health ID Card Pic

Gym & Health Club Cards

Almost all gyms and health clubs now issue ID card to members as a way to protect facilities and equipment safe, control access, monitor gym usage, and drive membership.

Customer Loyalty Cards Pic

Customer Loyalty Cards

Especially popular in retail environments, customer loyalty cards can boost sales, welcome new customers, and reward existing customers with special deals and savings. These cards also help to build a relationship between the customer and store.

Casino Cards Pic

Casino Cards

Most casinos now offer special cards for gaming. Often called "players cards," they help to attract new players, while making gaming more convenient by linking directly to player accounts. Cards are available for VIPs and frequent guests, as well as small-time players.

Healthcare ID Badges Pic

Healthcare ID Badges

Healthcare ID badges can serve a number of functions, including identifying doctors and staff, controlling access to facilities and restricted areas, and managing visitors. Hospital badges are also commonly issued to patients as a way to speed up the registration process and store accurate records.

Emergency Services ID Badges Pic

Emergency Services ID Badges

Emergency Services ID badges allow the public to quickly identify authorized emergency personnel at the scene of a crisis helping to manage and organize situations that are often chaotic. Emergency responder ID cards can be used to control access to critical equipment and facilities, allowing first responders to effectively and efficiently do their jobs.

Construction ID Cards Pic

Construction ID Cards

Construction site ID cards help to secure construction zones by preventing unauthorized individuals from gaining access to restricted areas, equipment, and construction materials.

Ski Resort Passes Pic

Ski Resort Passes

Many ski resorts now issue durable photo ID cards as season ski passes for regular skiers and boarders, along with photo IDs for employees and medical staff. These cards help to improve operations on the mountain, speeding up lift lines and making it easy to identify riders and workers.

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