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Restaurant Cards

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Restaurant Cards


Restaurant cards can come in a variety of forms to serve a number of functions. Examples include gift cards, loyalty cards, food service employee cards, and even food allergy cards for customers.


Restaurant gift cards offer a great way to bring in new customers and allow existing customers to spread the joy of their favorite eateries. These prepaid cards are typically printed on durable PVC plastic and are available at most restaurant chains, as well as many smaller establishments. Each card carries a certain amount of money that works as payment when the cardholder gets set to pay the bill. The card is swiped or scanned, and the balance of the card is adjusted based on the price of the meal.


Another popular way to forge a relationship with customers is to issue loyalty cards. Often used at fast food restaurants and coffee shops, loyalty cards reward the customer after a certain number of purchases. Sometimes these cards are simple punch cards or stamp cards. But many restaurants now use magnetic stripe loyalty cards. Each time the customer makes a purchase, the card is swiped. After a certain number of meals, they're rewarded, usually with a delicious free meal.


There are other forms of restaurant cards that deal more with health and safety. Food handler cards are required for all restaurant jobs, and are issued to potential food service employees after they pass a safety test. Food allergy cards can be carried by customers and handed to restaurant managers or waiters before ordering a meal any time there's a question about how the meal might affect their allergies

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