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Hospital ID Badges with Zebra Eltron Photo ID Printers

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Hospital ID Badges with Zebra Eltron Photo ID Printers


It’s become standard procedure for most hospitals to issue photo ID badges to all doctors, nurses and staff. Prominently displayed photo IDs allow patients and visitors to quickly and easily identify hospital workers. They also provide patients with an added sense of comfort knowing that they are being cared for by the proper, qualified individuals, while visitor ID badges help to ensure that intruders are not freely roaming the hospital’s facilities. A good number of hospitals trust Zebra Eltron photo ID printers for their badge making needs. Zebra Eltron printers are reliable, user-friendly, powerful and flexible so they can adapt to the specific needs of each individual hospital.

There are a number of different security features a hospital can build into its ID card solution. Basic hospital ID badges include the cardholder’s name, photo, title, and department. It’s also common for these badges to be color coded by department. More sophisticated hospital ID badges are multifunctional. For instance a badge could also include smart card or proximity card technology that controls access to restricted areas within the hospital.

Many hospitals also issue temporary ID badges to both patients and visitors. Visitor badges are typically quite basic, though they can be integrated with security systems so that visitors can only enter specific areas of a hospital. The main goal of a visitor badging system is to prevent intruders from entering the hospital without authorization. Patient ID cards help hospitals to track surgical itineraries, and can also contain important personal information such as prescriptions, allergies and other health records. This information is commonly stored on a smart chip.

Zebra Eltron offers photo ID printers that are capable of handling any hospital ID badge project, regardless of how basic or sophisticated that individual hospital’s needs are. Zebra’s value line of ID card printers includes the extremely popular P110i and P120i. These printers are cost-effective, compact, and extremely powerful for their size. High-end models, such as those in the Zebra Eltron security line, provide maximum security not only for the way in which the cards are utilized, but also in the protection of the card making machines themselves with strong password protection.

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