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Types of PVC Card Printers

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Types of PVC Card Printers

Used in retail and grocery stores, gyms and fitness centers, schools, and more, PVC card printers make it easy to print high-quality plastic cards on demand for your organization.

Types of PVC Card Printers

PVC card printers come in all shapes and sizes to suit every budget and application. From basic monochrome, manual-feed card printers like the AlphaCard PRO 100, to high-volume, secure laminating printers like the Evolis Avansia or the Fargo HDP5600, AlphaCard carries card printers to suit every need. Streamline the inner workings of your office, boost sales at your retail business or offer increased services and school security to your students.

A PVC (Plastic) Card Printer for Every Need

PVC Card Printers for Retail Stores

Retail rewards cards are extremely popular! Depending on the size of your establishment, you may only need to print several cards at a time, or you may prefer a card printing machine that can produce hundreds of cards at once. If you aren't planning on printing photo ID cards with your printer, you may only need a monochrome or black and white card printer; however, a full-color printer will give you much more design freedom. Use your card printer for:

  • Gift cards - Paper gift certificates are easily lost at the bottom of a purses, disintegrated by liquids, torn or misplaced. A PVC card, however, is more likely to remain in a customer's wallet-- and your customers may choose to add credit to their cards as well. A printer with an automatic card feed may be beneficial if you anticipate a high demand for gift cards, although you may also keep a card printer on your countertop to print gift cards at the time of purchase. This will allow you to inscribe special messages on the card tailored especially for the recipient and occasion-- a service your customers are sure to appreciate.
  • Customer rewards programs - It's common for coffeeshops and cafes to give out cards that give the customer a free item, such as a cup of coffee, for every dollar amount or certain number of items purchased. But the paper versions are often torn or lost, which diminishes the value of the card for your customer and is less likely to encourage regular patronage. A plastic card, however, requires no punches, won't get crumpled or destroyed easily, and is more likely to keep your customers coming back.

PVC Card Printers and Membership Clubs

Fitness centers, tanning salons, exclusive clubs, movie or video game rental establishments and grocery stores are just a few businesses that either depend on - or could benefit from - membership programs. With even the most basic card printer, you can use ID badge software to print customized membership cards that can function as financial credit cards, check out equipment from films to mechanical equipment and more! Here are a few things you can do with your membership card printer:

  • Offer specialized reward or incentive programs to your members.
  • Track frequency of visits, popular rentals and popular purchases. With the appropriate software for your ID card printer, you can keep statistics on your members' facility usage, purchasing trends and more to help you better serve your customer constituency.

Office PVC Card Printers

Whether you work for a small office of twenty people or a corporation of 2,000 employees, it's easy to run your place of business more efficiently and more securely with company ID cards. Use employee ID cards for:

  • Time cards - With a magnetic stripe or a smart chip, your employees can use their ID cards to clock in and out with a single swipe or scan. If you're on a budget, there are many printer manufacturers, such as Magicard and Evolis, that offer inexpensive magnetic stripe encoding.
  • Access cards - Want to keep your entry and exit points secure? An ID card system can ensure that only authorized individuals may enter certain sensitive areas-- a great feature for larger companies with several levels of security clearance. And since smart cards are becoming more affordable, it's worth investigating the ease of use and increased data storage smart cards afford.

School PVC Card Printers

From kindergartners to graduate students, an ID card can help scholars of all ages navigate academia with ease. Implement a student ID card system so that you can:

  • Keep lost children safe - If a small child gets lost, he or she might be too frightened to remember essential information like phone numbers and addresses that would assist in bringing the child home.
  • Avoid issues with theft or loss of lunch money - ID cards may also function as cafeteria meal cards, so that only the student to whom a card belongs may use the card to get a meal. You may also consider listing a child's allergy information on the card to keep them from ingesting allergens in cafeteria food.
  • Provide an easy way for students to make on-campus purchases - University students may find it simpler to add cash directly to their student ID cards. If cash is lost, it's gone forever, but a lost student ID card won't result in the credit that's been stored in your system.
  • Check out equipment and library books.

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