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ID Card Printer Security Features

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ID Card Printer Security Features


Today, ID card printer security doesn't just involve printing secure ID cards; it's also important to secure the printer responsible for their production.  In conjunction with a bevy of security features for ID cards, ID card printers also have some unique security features to ensure that the printer and the keys to your valuable ID card program don't fall into the wrong hands.


Lamination - Lamination acts as an additional barrier against everyday wear and tear, heavy use and tampering.  Laminating printers have modules that laminate cards as they move through the printing process. Printers such as the Fargo DTC550 offer clear or holographic laminates for additional security that's difficult to duplicate.

Magicard HoloKote - Built into every Magicard printer is the patented HoloKote secure watermark system.  With HoloKote a secure watermark is applied across the surface of each card at no additional cost.  As with laminating printers, the watermark overlay secures cards against duplication as well as tampering and everyday elements.  There are four pattern options to choose from on the printer driver.  With the Magicard Tango and Rio printers, you can even create custom watermarks using your company or organization's logo.Reverse Transfer Printing - For high-definition and secure printing, reverse transfer printers offer a unique way to protect a card's images and functions.  Instead of printing directly onto a card, reverse transfer printers print a mirror image of the card onto a special film, which is then fused to the surface of the card.  This produces cards with sharp images and text as well as increased durability.  Reverse transfer printing is ideal for printing on cards with uneven surfaces such as those with embedded electronics like RFID clamshell cards and smart cards as well as non-PVC cards.


As demonstrated there are a variety of ways to infuse security into ID cards, but what about the printers behind them?  As valuable members of any ID card program it's important to consider options for securing the printer itself to protect your ID cards from being compromised at the hands of unauthorized users.

Password Protected Printers - To ensure that only authorized personnel have access to printers, some printers can be password protected.  Printers such as the Fargo DTC550, HDP5000, C30e, and DTC400e can all be programmed for passwords.  When the password feature is activated on the printers, a user must punch in the proper code to enable the printer.

Access Card Protected Printers - Along the lines of password protected printers, some printers like the Magicard Tango and Rio, can be set up to require a special key card for access.  If key cards are programmed, the printers will only be activated after inserting the access card into the printer.

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