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ID Machine

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  1. Fargo HDP5000 Printer
    Fargo HDP5000 Card Printer - HID 89600
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    High-volume, photo-quality ID card printer

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  2. Fargo DTC5500LMX Laminating ID Card Printer
    Fargo DTC5500LMX Laminating ID Card Printer
    Item#: 56305-Model

    Powerful and efficient ID card printer with lamination

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  3. Vertical Clear Vinyl Event Ticket Holder with Tuck-In Flap - 100
    Vertical Clear Vinyl Event Ticket Holder with Tuck-In Flap - 100
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Timekeeping - ID Machines vs. Paper Timesheets

Do you have hourly employees? Do you still rely on paper timesheets for your payroll and checks? Tracking, storing and accurately recording time worked on these sheets can be time-consuming and sometimes inaccurate, which is dangerous for both your company and your employees. One great way to solve the problems associated with timesheets is with an ID machine and timekeeping cards, an efficient and easy alternative to paper timesheets. Instead of tracking when they arrive at work and leave, and their lunch breaks on a timesheet, employees can swipe their card through a reader and have it done automatically. This kind of tracking organizes your employee’s time in and time out data in a powerful, easy-to-read database that can make payroll and time tracking much easier than before. Time cards can also help you reduce time theft by tracking the exact hours your employees are at work.

Creating timekeeping cards requires an ID card system, which consists of a computer, ID card software, an ID machine which prints the cards, accessories like printer ribbon, lanyards, and connector cables, and the blank cards themselves. In order to properly implement the timekeeping system, timekeeping software is also required. The timekeeping software utilizes a capture device like a barcode scanner, magnetic stripe reader or an RFID or smart card interrogator to read the data from the employee card and sign the employee in or out.

Along with streamlining your human resources applications, an ID machine can help you create attractive employee ID cards, which help present a unified image of your employees, and allow you to easily identify an employee from a customer or client.

Time cards can utilize a wide variety of ID card technologies – bar codes, magnetic stripes, smart cards or RFID technology – it all depends on the level of security you need. Discuss your security needs with one of our qualified sales staff and they will help you find the right printer, software or system that you need to maximize your ID machine’s potential.

How to use your ID machine to make a time card

After you’ve set up your ID machine and the other elements of your ID card system, creating an employee ID with timekeeping features is quick and easy:

  1. Create a design. Most versions of ID card software come with pre-loaded card templates which allow you to just drop in a photo, a company logo, and some text and print. There are also options for more advanced designs.
  2. Create a database. ID card software programs have database functionality which allows you to insert database fields onto cards instead of having to hand type employee names and ID numbers. Most versions of ID card software programs allow you to import data from pre-existing databases into your new database instead of having to re-enter information for all your staff.
  3. Take photos. The best ID photos are taken with a simple background and are taken from the shoulders or neck up. This gives you a clear, easily identifiable photo to work with.
  4. Create cards. Use the design you created and your database info to create cards and drop the respective pictures in. Double check the cards for errors before printing
  5. Print. Follow your manufacturer’s instructions carefully when printing cards.
  6. Install timekeeping software and readers. Your timekeeping setup depends on how you want to keep time for your employees. You can install the software over a network and have employees clock in as they enter the office (works well for retail stores and shared work environments), or you can install the software on employee computers and have them clock in when they are at their desks (best for offices and environments where individual employees use their own computers).

You're done! Distribute ID cards to your employees – wasn’t that easy? Now just let your ID machine do the work.

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