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Badge Maker


A badge maker is one of the most effective ways to keep a government building secure.  By printing employee ID badges with access control features, you can prevent unwanted people from getting in and prevent sensitive information from getting out.  A professional color photo ID badge makes it easier for security personnel to verify cardholder identities, and for employees to recognize each other.

Coupled with advanced ID card and visitor management software, badge makers for government buildings can put a sophisticated and secure access control system in place.  Badges can be assigned differing levels of security clearance and security personnel can easily grant or deny access using the software management system.  Government access badges can be used to enter buildings, specific floors, rooms, and even secure computer networks.

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  1. Zebra iSeries ZXP7 Laminate - Bottom - 750 Prints Small Image
    Zebra Iseries ZXP7 Laminate - Bottom - 750 Prints
    Item#: 800085-918
    MSRP $115.00
    You Save: $21.01
    • 750 imprints
    • Clear lamination
    • 1.0 mil
    • Bottom lamination
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  2. 800077-711 image
    Zebra 800077-711 Black Monochrome Ribbon - ZXP Series 7 - 5,000 prints
    Item#: 800077-711
    MSRP $65.00
    You Save: $11.01
    • Monochrome ribbons print a single color
    • Solid color only, no shades or shadows, does not work well for photographs
    • Ideal for personalizing pre-printed ID cards, or printing on colored card stock
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  3. 532000-006 image
    Entrust Datacard 532000-006 Silver Monochrome Ribbon Kit - 1,500 prints
    Item#: 532000-006
    MSRP $55.20
    You Save: $19.21
    • 1500 prints
    • Silver PMS 877C resin
    • Includes cleaning card
    • Includes cleaning sleeve
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  4. Zebra iSeries ZXP7 Laminate - Top - 750 Prints Small Image
    Zebra 800085-914 iSeries 1.0 Mil Top Laminate - ZXP Series 7 - 750 imprints
    Item#: 800085-914
    MSRP $115.00
    You Save: $20.01
    • 750 imprints
    • Clear lamination
    • 1.0 mil
    • Top lamination
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  5. Image
    Zebra 800077-749 Color Ribbon - YMCKOK - 750 prints
    Item#: 800077-749
    MSRP $330.00
    You Save: $42.01
  6. Image
    Zebra 800077-748 Color Ribbon - YMCKOK - 250 prints
    Item#: 800077-748
    MSRP $130.00
    You Save: $23.01
    • 250 prints
    • YMCKOK
    • Includes cleaning roller
    • For dual-sided printing
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  7. Image
    Zebra 800077-742 Color Ribbon - YMCKO - 750 prints
    Item#: 800077-742
    MSRP $240.00
    You Save: $40.01
  8. Image
    Zebra 800077-740 Color Ribbon - YMCKO - 250 prints
    Item#: 800077-740
    MSRP $72.00
    You Save: $0.01
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8 Items

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