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High Security ID Machines

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High Security ID Machines


For offices or stores where simple security measures aren't enough, high security ID card machines are one of the best ways to establish and maintain access control and information security. Banks, government buildings, hospitals, corporate headquarters, and high-end retail like jewelry stores are all businesses that benefit from high security ID machines


Unlike basic or standard ID machines, high security ID machines usually have nearly every security feature available, allowing their users to create layered security and encrypt complex information into cards. These cards are sufficient for protecting sensitive data and restricting access to work areas.

A high security ID machine may have any combination of the following features:

  • Holographic Overlay - Lamination or a holographic overlay makes an ID card impossible to tamper with and difficult to counterfeit - providing a strong layer of physical security and making it easy to visually verify a card.
  • Smart Chip/Smart Card - Smart cards encode information into a small microprocessor. This information is difficult to replicate or retrieve. Smart cards are commonly used for access control and timekeeping purposes at secure locations like banks.
  • Contactless Smart Card - Also known as RFID, contactless smart cards work much the same way as their chipped counterparts, except a small antenna inside each card transmits information to a receiver without having to touch the card.

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