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Retail ID Card Machines

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Retail ID Card Machines


An easy way to make a workday in retail more efficient is adding an ID card printer.  Creating retail ID cards is simple and adds a number of benefits to any sized retail outlet.  Managers, salespeople, and stock workers can all use ID badges to make their everyday duties more efficient including time and attendance, sales tracking, and access control.


There are several factors to consider when choosing an ID machine for printing retail ID cards:

  • Number of employees and employee turnover - The higher the turnover, the more cards necessary.  A store that needs to print a large number of employee ID cards will need a high-volume card printer to keep up with the demand.
  • Function of ID card – For simple photo identification, a small, entry-level, single-sided printer would work best.  If a retail store is looking for ID cards that have a wider range of functions and more employees to keep track of, then a printer with capabilities and security features such as magnetic stripe encoding and dual-sided printing would be ideal.
  • Software – Choosing an ID card software to pair with an ID machine largely depends on the function of the retail ID cards.  For time and attendance tracking, retail stores need to choose software that supports that capability along with a platform for ID card design.  Multifunctional ID cards may require more rigorous database capabilities that are found in more sophisticated design software.

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