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Card Printer Applications for Schools

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Card Printer Applications for Schools



Many schools are now finding that ID cards can be useful for much more than just student identification.  With a card printer on the premises, a school has the ability to create photo IDs on the spot, and can integrate those cards with such applications as attendance tracking, registration, meal plans, checking out books at the library, vending machines, and more.  Some schools even link the cards to student bank accounts so they can function as debit cards.  Here are some examples of schools using card printers to create multifunctional student ID cards:


  • At the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay, student ID cards operate with a points program that allows for purchasing on-campus items ranging from photocopies and books to meals and snacks from vending machines. A recent report shows that half of the University's on-campus purchases are made through the ID card points program.
  • Students at 60 Philadelphia high schools have been issued contactless campus ID cards. The cards are used for access to school property, attendance tracking, and meal plans. The school district was in search of a better way to handle its 56,000 high school students, and needed to make enhancements in school security. The contactless ID cards proved to be the answer. With the new system, students are considered absent until they tap their student ID badge up to a card reader upon entering school grounds. Additionally, each card contains the student's photo and class schedule, and is capable of carrying important health information.
  • A student government initiative at Purdue University has proposed that select off-campus businesses be added to the school's BoilerExpress ID program. BoilerExpress currently allows students to deposit money directly onto their ID cards which can then be used for on-campus purchases. With the proposed system upgrade, also comes added convenience. Parents and students would be able to deposit funds and manage BoilerExpress accounts online.

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