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High Definition Card Printers

High Definition Card Printers

High Definition Card Printers

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High Definition Card Printers

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High Definition Card Printers

High-definition printers produce highly-secure, durable ID cards with photo-quality images, vivid colors and sharp text. Traditional ID printers use a dye-sublimination process to deposit ink directly onto cards. High-definition printers use a reverse transfer process. First, a mirror image of the card design is printed on a thin clear sheath, often made from mylar. Then, pressure and heat fuses the sheath image-side down to the plastic card. This unique process creates a card that is visually-correct, with the ink sandwiched between the plastic card and sheath.

High-definition cards are naturally protected against alterations, as any attempt to remove the sheath will ruin the images and text. Another benefit of high-definition printers is that they can print on cards with a matte finish and on uneven surfaces, such as smart and proximity cards. Many high-definition printers are capable of producing clear or holographic overlaminates to cards for additional protection.

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