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Zebra ID Printing Machine

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Zebra ID Printing Machine


Zebra is much more than a catchy, zingy brand name. This is one of the most popular and reliable printer manufacturers in the identification card industry. Zebra builds the chosen ID printing machines for a vast assortment of end-users from schools and small businesses to large corporations, health clubs, and hospitals. The scope of organizations currently implementing ID card solutions is massive. And security needs vary from group to group. A gym, for instance, might be issuing basic cards on an individual basis for member identification. A corporation might require cards for full-time and temporary employees which are integrated with access control systems. A transit system could be implementing a new fare program that uses proximity cards. There’s no end to the possibilities when it comes to how ID card are utilized today. Zebra offers a full line of ID printing machines designed to meet these various applications, from sturdy entry-level models, to powerful advanced systems. View the full range of Zebra ID Printing Machines.


When it comes to secure identification, Zebra card printers rise to the top, providing flexibility with a wealth of safety features and encoding options. Zebra ID printing machines offer users a number of card-based access credentials, from magnetic stripe and smart cards, to RFID technology. Because of the threats of counterfeiting, alteration and forgery, it’s important that your ID card solution utilizes the proper security measures to protect both the cards and the cardholders. With Zebra card printers, the levels of security are essentially customizable, so you can create an ID card program that meets your specific requirements.

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