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Zebra ID Card Maker

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Zebra ID Card Maker


Increasing concerns over patient privacy and safety have made hospital ID badges for visitors, staff, patients, and doctors a reality. While cards identifying doctors and nurses and their positions have been common for years, the security associated with these cards has increased significantly, along with the need for secure ID makers. Instead of having a simple photo and name, a hospital photo ID often has strict access control features like smart cards or contactless smart card technology (also known as RFID), high coercivity (hico) magnetic stripes, holograms and/or lamination. These features make illicit reproduction and card tampering much more difficult and help keep sensitive information like patient records and storage areas safe from unauthorized visitors. Fargo ID card makers, especially secure models like the HPD600 and HDP820 give hospitals the ability to make secure photo ID badges.


Hospitals may decide to issue ID badges to every visitor and patient, along with all staff and doctors. This measure, while it would increase security, could be expensive and wasteful. Short term patients and visitors do not need high-tech security features, while doctors and nurses need secure cards to protect themselves and their patients. How to solve this paradox? A Fargo ID card maker can give hospitals the flexibility to create ID badges with varying security options. A secure ID card maker like the HDP600-LC can create a simple ID badge as easily as it can create a laminated badge with RFID capabilities. This flexibility, along with the reliability and high quality associated with Fargo ID makers, makes them a great choice for hospital ID badges.

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