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Zebra ID Badge Maker

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Zebra ID Badge Maker


Zebra produces some of the most popular and reputable ID badge makers in the industry. Compact, powerful and reliable, Zebra badge machines are used for a broad range of applications by schools, companies both large and small, hospitals, government agencies, and countless other organizations. Zebra has succeeded in developing robust products that work equally well for those printing small runs of ID badges, as well as those who require substantial high-volume output. View AlphaCard’s complete selection of Zebra ID Badge Makers.


While Colleges and Universities have been issuing student ID cards as a way to provide students with enhanced security and convenience for quite some time, it is just now becoming a common trend for middle schools and high schools to require photo ID badges. Photo IDs at the middle school and high school level help to create safer school environments, something that has become exceedingly crucial in light of recent tragedies involving violence on school grounds.

Typically, the photo ID badges issued to high school and middle school students include the student’s name and photo. Some schools also infuse these cards with added features such as magnetic stripes so they can be incorporated with meal plans, library checkout processes, and other applications. There are also examples of schools that have implemented RFID systems which require students to tap their cards in front of a reader so their attendance can be tracked.

In addition to student IDs, many schools require teachers, employees, and visitors to all where photo ID badges as well. This creates an environment where everyone on school grounds is sporting a badge at all times. Anyone not wearing a badge can then be pointed out to the proper staff and asked to register at the front desk. This makes it much more difficult for unauthorized intruders to freely roam a school’s facilities.

Zebra ID card machines are trusted by many schools currently issuing photo ID badges. From user-friendly, yet powerful entry-level models such as the Zebra P110i and P120i to the highly advanced P640i, Zebra offers badge makers suitable for any school’s ID badge needs.

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