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Magicard ID Badge Printer

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    Magicard Pronto ID Card Printer
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Magicard offers ID badge printers ideal for producing high quality photo ID badges, membership cards, employee IDs, access control badges, and more. The Magicard product line includes a range of badge machines capable of handling virtually any ID printing need. View AlphaCard’s selection of Magicard ID Badge Printers.


While it’s been a long-running practice for college and university campuses to issue student IDs, the use of ID badges in high schools and k-12 settings is just now becoming a widely popular security measure. Often in these settings, photo ID badges are given not only to students, but also faculty and staff, as well as visitors. The badges do more than simply identify the student or teacher. They make it very obvious who is authorized to be on school grounds, and who might be an unwelcome intruder. In many instances, the use of photo ID badges makes it a requirement for all visitors to register upon arrival at the school. If someone simply wanders into a school facility, that person will be easily spotted as not having a badge. This gives students, parents, and staff a stronger sense of security and peace of mind.

Beyond the basics, some schools are even utilizing more sophisticated card features such as proximity (or RFID) technology. Proximity card student IDs, when waived in front of readers can record a student’s attendance, and can even store specific data like class schedules and medical information.

Magicard offers a wide-ranging line of photo ID printers fit to handle the varying needs of schools looking to implement an ID badge system. Go here to learn more about Magicard ID Badge Printers.

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