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Fargo Plastic Card Printer

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Fargo Plastic Card Printer


If you’re looking to implement an ID card solution that uses secure, high-quality ID cards or photo ID badges, it take a very specific type of printer, one designed to print on PVC plastic cards. Fargo offers first-class plastic card printers built to meet the toughest challenges in ID card printing, from high-volume runs to advanced encoding and secure networking. Choosing the right printer depends on your organization’s specific needs. Fargo ID card printers comes in a variety of models and many are flexible, offering users the ability to upgrade their systems with optional modules for dual-sided printing, laminating, and a variety of encoding options. View AlphaCard’s selection of Fargo Plastic Card Printers.


Fargo has a full line of high definition ID card machines that bring card printing to a new level. Fargo high definition printers and encoders utilize dye-sublimation to produce vivid and clear 300 dpi images. The images are printed on the underside of special layer of film which is then applied to the surface of the card. Because the images rest between the film and the card, they are protected from wear and tear and are resistant to tampering. Cards printed with Fargo’s high definition machines simply last longer. Another benefit that comes with using Fargo’s high definition printers is that the high print quality is consistent, even on plastic cards with uneven surfaces such as those used for clamshell cards, and other uneven chards with embedded electronics.

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