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Fargo ID Badge Printer

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Fargo ID Badge Printer


As one of the ID card industry's most respected manufacturers, Fargo offers powerful, durable, and flexible ID badge printers designed to meet the needs of a huge range of end users from government agencies to health clubs. Fargo ID badge makers are surprisingly affordable, considering the fact that these are top shelf machines that utilize cutting edge technology to produce incredibly vivid, secure, and functional ID cards and badges. Regardless of the size of your organization, if you're looking to implement an ID badge solution, Fargo should be a major consideration.


Fargo offers ID badge printers with two separate types of printing technologies. Choosing between the available technologies depends on the card-printing needs of your organization.

Fargo's Direct-to-Card printers are ideal for mid-level as well as entry-level security needs. These printers offer exceptional print quality and are fully capable of producing sophisticated photo ID cards and badges with embedded electronics. Examples of users include hospitals, small to medium-sized corporations, loyalty programs and k-12 schools.

At the summit of Fargo's product line stands a series of High Definition printers. Fargo High Definition printers offer the ultimate in high-level security. They provide unparalleled print quality, even on cards with uneven surface such as those containing embedded electronics. These printers are extremely powerful and scalable, capable of meeting the strong demands of state and federal government agencies, large corporations, the military, and universities.

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