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Fargo ID Badge Maker


When it comes to issuing secure photo identification cards and badges, Fargo has stood firmly at the pinnacle of the industry for quite some time. Fargo ID card makers utilize the latest technology, enabling users to build clear and vivid professional IDs fit for any ID card solution no matter how basic or complex. The Fargo product line includes direct-to-card printers, inkjet printers, and powerful high-definition ID badge machines. View AlphaCard’s complete selection of Fargo ID Badge Makers.

Fargo ID Badge Makers Product Spotlight: Fargo DTC400

The Fargo DTC400 is an easy-to-operate, super dependable direct-to-card printer/encoder. The system is designed specifically to make the ID card printing process as smooth and hassle-free as possible. The DTC400 simplifies the card printing process with a number of exciting features. It utilizes a SmartLoadT Ribbon Cartridge that functions as an all-in-one print ribbon/card cleaning system. Installing the cartridge is as simple as one easy step. The cartridge includes Fargo’s SmartClean Roller so there’s no need to switch anything out when it comes time for cleaning and routine maintenance. The printer also features a SmartScreenT LCD Control Panel which keeps the user up to speed encoding and print job status, while also displaying easily understood prompts and commands.

Aside from being easy to use, the DTC400 can also adapt to fit your security needs as they adjust over time. The printer is built to allow additional encoding or dual-sided printing modules to be added to the machine should your card solution require them down the road. Optional modules include a proximity card encoder, a smart card encoder, and a dual-sided printing module.

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