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This product is no longer available.

This product has been discontinued by the manufacturer.
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Scanshell 800R Scanner w/ IDScan OCR Software - DISCONTINUED

  • Capture & store images of multiple card types
  • Extract image and text data using OCR
  • Twain-compliant
  • USB interface

The Scanshell 800R is a compact, user-friendly card scanner that interfaces with any standard USB port. It's the perfect solution for scanning and gathering information from photo IDs, driver's licenses, business cards, blank checks and more. Using twain compliant software (this unit comes bundled with idScan), you can quickly import and save the image of any scanned ID card or check. The Scanshell 800R is designed for speed and ease-of-use. Simply feed the card into the card scanner tray, and the Scanshell 800R will do the rest. It only takes a few seconds to scan each card, and convenient features such as automatic card feed detection and automatic file naming and saving help to simplify the process. The included idScan software works with the Scanshell 800R to capture and store images of multiple card types. The software is also capable of reading the printed information on both card sides, as well as barcodes and magnetic stripes. This allows you to extract both the image and text data from each scanned card and export it to any other application.

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