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ThermoFlash® LX-260 Infrared Thermometer


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The ThermoFlash LX-260 is a non-contact infrared thermometer that accurately scans body temperature in less than 1 second.

  • Non-contact scanning may reduce the risk of spreading disease
  • Rapid, 1-second read time
  • Medical-grade, infrared body temperature measurement
  • Vocal alert when high temperature detected
MSRP: $74.99
Price: $74.99
  • Non-contact scanning may reduce the risk of spreading disease
  • Rapid, 1-second read time
  • Medical-grade, infrared body temperature measurement
  • Vocal alert when high temperature detected
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Use the ThermoFlash LX-260 Evolution forehead thermometer to easily check employees and visitors for fever. As a preventative measure to reduce the risk of spreading highly contagious illnesses, health and safety recommendations include screening anyone entering your building for signs of sickness. If you are looking for an affordable infrared thermometer that doesn’t sacrifice performance, the ThermoFlash LX-260 is a revolutionary, medical-grade laser thermometer equipped to meet your screening needs.

No-hassle Testing
The ThermoFlash forehead thermometer works great for use in hospital emergency rooms, medical clinics, small to large businesses, manufacturing facilities, and schools. Simply point this lightweight, hand-held device at your subject’s forehead at a distance of 3-4 centimeters from the skin. Press and hold the test button to get the lightning-fast result within one second, possible through advanced MicroSecondFlash™ technology. The body temperature reading will appear on the backlit LCD screen, especially convenient in dimmer environments. Displayed using colors that correlate with the diagnosis, reading results on the ThermoFlash can’t get any easier.

Medical-grade Performance
ThermoFlash’s advanced thermo technology uses infrared detection to measure the heat emitted by a person’s temporal artery, resulting in a reliable body temperature reading. Graded for hospital and medical clinic use, you can be confident in the ThermoFlash LX-260’s ability to help promote a safer workplace or school. Though small and lightweight, this digital temperature scanner is built with quality materials to withstand constant usage in a variety of environments. Durable construction paired with an ergonomic design means you won’t need to replace this infrared thermometer anytime soon.

Safer, non-contact reading
Measuring a person’s temperature can be done in several ways, but many methods require physically touching the subject with the device. It’s much safer to use a no-touch thermometer, especially when it will be used to evaluate many subjects. Not only do touchless thermometers reduce the risk of spreading illness, but you’ll eliminate the need to disinfect the thermometer after each use.

Order Information
The ThermoFlash LX-260 is currently in high demand because of COVID-19. AlphaCard is working as quickly as possible to process orders, but fulfillment delays may occur. In accordance with our safety and health policies, and because of the nature of this product, returns or exchanges are not accepted for the ThermoFlash thermometer.

Need an Automated Temperature Screening Method?
If your facility prefers a completely hands-off approach to body temperature screening in the workplace, choose a stand-alone, automated Temperature Screening Kiosk. A Temperature Screening Kiosk does not require an evaluator to manually scan each subject, performing an infrared temperature reading for every employee or visitor from a safe distance. The temperature screening kiosk is an appropriate choice for locations that have multiple entry points and high levels of traffic.

Technical Specs
Product Type Data Capture Devices
Brand No
  • Part number: Thermometer
  • Scan time: 1 second
  • Method: non-contact, infrared temperature scanning
  • 32 sets of memory
  • Vocal indicator for high temperature
  • Weight: 5.6 ounces
  • Batteries not included
Dimensions No
MSRP $74.99

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