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This item has been discontinued and replaced by the Motorola DS9208.

The Symbol LS 9208 barcode scanner is a quick and versatile solution for a variety of barcode scanning applications. For increased efficiency, the scanner features a high-performance processor and a 100-line rastering omni-directional scan pattern. This makes the process of scanning barcodes quick, easy, and accurate.

The LS 9208 offers both omni-directional and single-line scanning, and supports Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) for increased security and convenience. The scanner also reads Reduced Space Symbology (RSS).

Included with the LS 9208 barcode scanner is a USB cable, stand, and product reference guide. The device is RoHS compliant.

Note: referred to as LS9208I-7NNU0100SR or LS9208-7NNU0100SR.

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