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IDP SMART-Bit Ribbon Shredder

Protect your cardholder's data with the IDP SMART-BIT Ribbon Shredder, compatible with ribbons from all leading manufacturers.

  • Twisted micro cut technology shreds ribbons & protects your data
  • Works with ribbons from all leading manufacturers, fitting ribbons between 60mm and 90mm wide
  • Two shredding modes, Normal or Fast
  • Standard bin holds up to 6 rolls of ribbon (250 prints)
  • Upgrade option: larger capacity bin for high-volume shredding
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IDP SMART-BIT Ribbon Shredder

Protect your cardholder's data with the IDP SMART-BIT Ribbon Shredder, compatible with ribbons from all leading manufacturers, making it suitable for any card program.

Why Your Data May Not Be Secure

Have you ever noticed the reverse image of your design visible on the used print ribbon after printing ID cards? If your cards contain confidential or sensitive information, this data is also present on the used ribbons. Failing to shred these ribbons may compromise your cardholder's information!

Especially crucial in banking, government, and secure facilities, protecting your cardholder data is essential for anyone handling names, photos, and personal information.

There are several steps you can take to enhance data security:

  • Password protecting your database
  • Setting up user profiles with passwords for software users
  • Locking card hoppers
  • Securing blank cardstock
  • Limiting printer access by placing it in a secured room
  • And now, using the SMART-BIT Ribbon Shredder to shred used ribbons
Easily Protect Your Data with Twisted Micro-Cut Technology

The SMART-BIT Ribbon Shredder uses Twisted Micro-Cut Technology (patent pending) to twist ribbons and cut them into tiny particles (approximately 2.5mm), ensuring the ribbons cannot be read or reassembled. It is faster and more efficient than manual methods like using scissors, shredding about 12 meters of ribbon per minute!

How can the SMART-BIT Ribbon Shredder benefit your organization?

  • Protects your cardholder's information and identity
  • Secures your company assets
  • Reduces the risk of counterfeit cards
  • Enhances data security compliance (crucial for healthcare, banking, government, GDPR in the EU, and more)
Shredder Options & Upgrades

The SMART-BIT Ribbon Shredder includes a standard-size bin capable of holding up to six ribbons. You'll need to replace the bag once it's full, which is approximately equivalent to six ribbons. For high-volume card systems, you can upgrade to a larger disposal bin and bags:

  • 5-pack of standard-size bags
  • 80-pack of standard-size bags
  • Upgraded large disposal bin
  • 20-pack of large 70-liter bags

SMART-BIT Ribbon Shredder Warranty

The IDP SMART-BIT Ribbon Shredder comes with a one-year manufacturer warranty.

What's Included:

What's In the Box

  • IDP Smart-Bit shredder
  • Power adaptor
  • AC power cable
  • Dust bag
  • User Guide
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