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Premium Locking Badge Holders - Pack of 100

This premium badge holder "locks" the card into the holder when attached to a strap clip, and has an anti-print transfer vinyl

  • Pack of 100
  • For use with standard size cards
  • Clear, no-transfer vinyl
  • Top load format
  • Locking slot hole
MSRP $90.99 Price $80.99

Premium Locking Badge Holders

The Premium Locking Badge Holders are a secure, high quality badge holder with a unique design to keep your ID cards locked into the holder. The thicker back vinyl panel gives the holder more stability.

The clear vinyl is made with anti-print transfer materials to prevent your ID badge from sticking to the holder or transferring its design, an important feature if you need to remove cards from the holders without damaging the card or holder.

This badge holder is available in both horizontal and vertical orientation, in packs of 100.

Attachment Style

This badge holder has a secure locking strap hole for attachments including reels and strap clips. The slot goes through both the front and back vinyl, so when the strap clip is snapped closed the holder is locked and the badge cannot come out.

Also referred to as proximity card holders, this style is best used with ID cards that do not have to be removed from the holder for use including proximity or access control cards and badges used for ID.

Horizontal Badge Holder

Clear Vinyl, Slot Only
  • Holder size: 4.00" x 3.08" (102mm x 78mm)
  • Max card size: 3.60" x 2.38" (91mm x 60mm)
  • Vinyl thickness, front: .011" (.28mm)
  • Vinyl thickness, back: .030" (.76mm)

Vertical Badge Holder

Clear Vinyl, Slot Only
  • Holder size: 4.78" x 3.48" (120mm x 88mm)
  • Max card size: 2.38" x 3.75" (60mm x 95mm)
  • Vinyl thickness, front: .011" (.28mm)
  • Vinyl thickness, back: .030" (.76mm)

Custom Holders Available

Another option is to customize your badge holders. Add your organization's name and logo for an eye-catching and unique ID accessory. Learn more about custom printed badge holders.

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Holder TypeTop Load
OrientationHorizontal, Vertical
Quantity Per Pack100 Per Pack
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