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Identification Card Software Security

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Identification Card Software Security


Similar to ID card printers, a distinguishing feature of ID card software is the varying types of security it can provide to an ID program.  There are several different options when it comes to choosing card features and software.  In order for a card to be programmed with the security feature, the ID card software has to have the capability to encode the security function.  Some common security features include:

  • Barcodes – Bar codes are probably the simplest form of security for identification. Card software programs and ID card printers are generally all able to generate a barcode and print it on a card. A bar code consists of information such as a name, number, or both,  encoded horizontally into a series of black bars. The space between the bars is read by an optical scanner and translated to reveal the information encoded within. Bar codes are popular and used nearly universally – for everything from employee ID cards to student badges.
  • Magnetic Stripes – Magnetic stripes are a popular security option and used for many different applications. The identification card software provides the printer with the information to encode on the magnetic stripe. Magnetic stripes have two different levels of encoding – high and low coercivity (HiCo and LoCo). HiCo cards are more secure and durable than LoCo cards.
  • Smart Card – A smart card is a card with a small visible microprocessor embedded in it via a small chip. These cards are used in more secure applications and only high-end printers have the capability to encode them.
  • RFID/Contactless – RFID technology uses a radio antenna sandwiched between the two outside layers of a card. Like smart cards, RFID technology is used in instances where more stringent security is needed, and a limited selection of printers have the ability to encode the cards with the information.

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