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Fargo Securemark

Fargo Securemark

Fargo Securemark

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Fargo Securemark

Photo ID Software

Fargo Securemark

Fargo's new innovative technology gives you an unmatched level of card identity security.

Fargo SecureMark Technology is a combination of hardware, software and processes that are specifically engineered to reduce your card identity system vulnerabilities. When combined with the expertise of an authorized Fargo SecureMark integrator, it enables secure integration that surrounds your entire Fargo Card Identity System, including:

  • Fargo Secure Printer/Encoders
  • Fargo Secure Software
  • Fargo Secure Materials

An Unparalleled Level of Security for your Photo ID System

SecureMark Technology is designed to significantly reduce the risk of counterfeit cards and unauthorized issuance - thereby protecting your ID card system, and more importantly, your organization. AlphaCard can provide you with an unparalleled level of id card security. That's because we can integrate SecureMark Technology at multiple points in your photo ID card system.

Call us at 1-800-717-8080 to learn how AlphaCard can make SecureMark work for you!

New! - Print Security Suite is Now Available on the

New Fargo DTC400 Card Printer/Encoder!

The unbelievably easy and secure way to print and encode plastic ID cards.

The new DTC400 is SecureMark-enabled for use with the Fargo Print Security Suite. An authorized Fargo SecureMark integrator simply activates the DTC400 and programs the Fargo Print Security Suite to your exact card issuance and security specifications. Together, Print Security Suite and the new DTC400 give you the peace of mind you need that your ID cards will be authentic.

The DTC400 is also the easiest to use id card printer/encoder in its class. For unparalleled printing simplicity and security, go with the Fargo DTC400.

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