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AlphaCard Visitor Pass Secure Software

AlphaCard Visitor Pass Secure is our most advanced visitor management software edition, designed to help you create and manage events, visitor information, run visitor reports, and design and print guest badges.

  • Visitor lookup & check in with fingerprint, barcode, or ID scan
  • Integrate email notification for visitors & users
  • Blacklist visitors & set up an automatic call for help email
  • Create software user groups & manage permissions
  • Screen visitors with 3rd party criminal database check (requires 3rd party service)
  • Connect Kiosk licenses for multiple entry points
  • Compatible with Windows 7, 8, 10 operating systems
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AlphaCard Visitor Pass Secure

AlphaCard Visitor Pass Secure is our most advanced visitor management software edition, designed to help you create and manage events, visitor information, run visitor reports, and design and print guest badges.

Visitor Management Features

AlphaCard Visitor Pass Secure makes it easy to create and manage events, create visitor records, manage your visitor data, and run reports on your visitors. The Secure edition is used in secure buildings that require all guests to check in, work sites that limit visitors for safety, schools that require all visitors to check in to protect students, conference and event attendee management, and more.

Secure edition visitor management features include:

  • Ability to create and edit visitor records
  • Check visitors in and out
  • Blacklist visitors for security purposes (and send a security alert email if a blacklisted person tries to check in)
  • Automatic checkout reminder when you close the software
  • Create visitor groups (and filter by those groups)
  • Customize your database field labels
  • Create and email evacuation, visitor history, event attendee, and lobby activity reports
  • Screen visitors with a 3rd party criminal database check (requires a separate account with a 3rd party service)
  • Require visitors to sign documents before check-in
  • Advanced database options for MySQL & MS SQL

If you need to quickly add visitors to your database, or find those visitor records again later, you have three options within the Secure software using barcodes, fingerprints, and government issued IDs.

You can add barcodes to your visitor badges and then automatically check visitors in and out, and look up their visitor record, using that barcode. Or you can capture the visitor's fingerprint (saved to the database as an image) and scan their fingerprint in the future to check them in and out. Or using a government-issued ID like a driver's license or passport, you can scan the ID and populate visitor records with their ID information and then check them in and out by scanning their ID.

Create & Manage Your Events

With AlphaCard Visitor Pass Secure software, you can also create and manage events and event attendees - used by organizations that host training events, conventions, conferences, and more.

Using the Secure software you can:

  • Set dates and times for events
  • Pre-register guests for your events and email a confirmation
  • Prompt guests & staff to select the event when checking in
  • Add expiration dates to guest badges

If you need to restrict access to the building to only your invited guests during events, you can even set the software to deny non-guest visitors who try to check in during these set times.

You can also require visitors to view and sign documents during the check-in process, an option often used for non-disclosure agreements, safety waivers, or confirmation of registration.

Using the email features, you can also email all event registrants a confirmation email with any information they may need before your event. If you include a visitor barcode on that email, your guests could even print the email or pull up the email on a smartphone to scan the barcode and check into the event when they arrive.

Easily Manage Multiple Entrances

If your building has multiple entrances where your visitors may check in or out, you can manage them all using AlphaCard Visitor Pass Kiosks or Secure Clients.

If you want visitors to check in and out without the help of a staff member, you can set up Kiosk licenses at each entrance - this lets guests perform basic functions including checking in and out and signing documents, without having access to your entire database or software.

If you will have a staff member at each entrance to check visitors in and out, you can network all the locations using a Secure Client at each entrance to connect to your database.

Securing Your Visitor Information

Keeping your visitor information is important, especially for organizations that store personal information including hospitals and schools. With the Secure edition you get several important security features to help protect your database:

  • Create individual user accounts
  • Hide software functionality from users
  • Hide database information from users
  • Create user groups & add users to groups
  • Create group profiles with access to specific features
  • Hide software functionality from groups
  • Temporarily block users
Built-in Visitor Database Reports

With AlphaCard Visitor Pass Secure you have a wide range of built-in reports using your visitor database. Report options include:

  • Evacuation report
  • Visitor history report
  • Event attendee report
  • Top visitor report
  • Lobby activity report
Easily Design & Print Visitor Badges

Design and print visitor badges with AlphaCard Visitor Pass Secure so you can quickly create a new visitor record and check them in.

Use one of the five built-in card templates (with Secure you get unlimited layouts per template), or design your own badge with these features:

  • Single or dual-sided badge designs
  • 1D & 2D barcode encoding
  • Magnetic stripe encoding
  • UV printing
  • Visitor photos & signatures
  • Fingerprint capture

With AlphaCard Visitor Pass software you can print your badges to any PVC, thermal label, or paper printer.

How an AlphaCard Visitor Pass Subscription Works

AlphaCard Visitor Pass software uses a subscription model - each month or year, depending on the subscription you choose, you are charged for the software. To ensure continuous coverage, AlphaCard Visitor Pass will renew automatically using the original payment method on your order.

You may cancel at any time, but at least 5 days prior to renewal.

Included with your monthly subscription for AlphaCare Visitor Pass is our expert technical support, which includes:

  • Software training & setup assistance for one work station
  • Lifetime email support with an active subscription
  • Lifetime break fix phone support with an active subscription
  • Additional trainings & setup available ($99.99 each)

Software Requirements

AlphaCard Visitor Pass is compatible with all PVC card printers and thermal label printers. This software is compatible with Windows 7, 8, and 10 operating systems.

System Requirements

32 or 64 bit Microsoft Windows operating system (Windows 7, 8, 10), Explorer 6 or higher, Microsoft .NET framework 4.6, dual core processor, 1 GB of free internal memory (32 bit) or 2 GB of free internal memory (64 bit), 200 MB of free disk space, and an internet connection for automatic activation and online help files.

Please Note

AlphaCard Visitor Pass comes with a single license. The software can be installed on multiple computers, but only active on one computer at a time.

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