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IDP Solid-810SE ID Card Printer - Dual-Sided

Create secure, photorealistic ID cards with the quick and quiet IDP Solid-810SE. Designed for large and enterprise organizations, this badge printer is seamless and security-rich.
  • Single or dual-sided retransfer printer
  • High quality prints fast - 25 seconds for single-sided and 43 seconds for dual-sided cards
  • 200 card input hopper and 100 card output hopper
  • Includes USB with optional Ethernet add-on
  • Upgrade options: dual-sided printing, magnetic stripe encoding, contactless smart card encoder, lamination, and card flattener
MSRP $4,490.00
The Solid-810 is a single or dual sided card printer that provides excellent print quality, security, and durability.

Fast and Easy:

The Solid-810 has a quick start-up time and a smooth printing process. It also has a heating system that ensures crisp and clear images on every card. With a 200-card capacity, it can save you time by printing large batches of cards.

Amazing Quality:

The Solid-810 is more than just a printer; it's a tool for creating stunning and detailed cards. It uses Rapid Retransfer Printing and FINE Imaging technologies to produce vivid and accurate colors. It can also print on smart cards with uneven surfaces without any problem.

Durable and Long-Lasting:

The Solid-810 is made to last. The retransfer printing method protects the card image with a clear film that prevents fading and damage. The card can withstand daily use and exposure to the elements. For extra protection, you can add a lamination module that enhances the card's resistance to abrasion and UV rays. Lamination also extends the card's lifespan and keeps it in great condition for longer.

Secure and Tamper-Proof:

The Solid-810 is a secure printer that prevents tampering and counterfeiting. The image is embedded between the card and the film, so any attempt to modify the card will ruin the image. For added security, you can add a lamination module that applies a holographic laminate to your card design. A holographic laminate makes your card extremely hard to fake and adds a layer of visual verification.

Flexible and Future-Proof

The Solid-810 is a flexible printer that adapts to your needs. You can customize it with various options such as magnetic encoding and smart Wi-Fi. It is also ready to grow with you and handle more complex tasks in the future. Plus, with its advanced security features, you can trust it to print sensitive and confidential cards with confidence.

What's Included:

  • Industry Leading Solid-810SE Retransfer Card Printer
  • High-volume capacity 200 Card Hopper
  • USB Cable
  • Power Supply Cord
  • Printer Driver CD
  • Printer User Manual
  • 3-year Warranty
Encoding Options
Card Sizes AcceptedISO CR80
Card Thickness Accepted0.76mm (30mil) - 1.2mm (47mil)
Printer Color CapabilityColor & monochrome printing
Print Resolution DPI300 DPI
Printer Loudness
Printer IncludesUSB cable
US/International power cords
CD with printer drivers & user guide
Input Hopper Capacity

200 Cards

InterfaceUSB & Ethernet (Optional SMARTWi-Fi Kit)
OS CompatibilityMicrosoft Windows 7, Microsoft Windows 8, Microsfot Windows 10, Microsoft Windows 11, Mac OS, Linux
Printer Options
Output Hopper Capacity100 cards
Printing Speeds (sec/card)
Printing CapabilitySingle or dual sided
Warranty3-year advanced exchange with 2-year unlimited printhead warranty
Weight & Dimensions11.4 kg /25.13 lbs., 18.1" 8.8" x 12.2" (460mm x 224mm x 310mm)
Card Management
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