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Card Design


ID card design is the easiest way to inject creativity, personality and functionality into an ID card program.  It's important when designing ID cards to carefully consider the look and feel of the card as well as any security elements that need to be incorporated into the design.  A well-thought-out ID card design helps your ID program reach its highest potential.

Design will be largely influenced by card functions and features.  There are many elements to consider when designing an ID card, including the following:

  • Photos, text, and graphics – When used for identification, photos offer an important visual element making it easier for security personnel and other employees to verify identity.  Text included on an ID card can detail the cardholder's name, job title, and their level of security clearance.  Companies may also want to consider including their company logo with the card to clearly identify their ID card program.
  • Security features – Certain card elements will make ID card programs more secure, but also have to be considered when designing the layout of the cards.  Common security features include watermarks, lamination, electronic signatures, fingerprints, magnetic stripe encoding, barcodes and smart card chips.
  • Color – The color scheme of an ID card program can help make it stand out.  If the card is being used in retail for gift cards or membership and loyalty cards, a bright color can help the card stand out in a customer's wallet and ensure that they remember to use it.  Colors can also be used to denote differing levels of security clearance.

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