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How to Create an ID Card Database in AlphaCard Standard

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How to Create an ID Card Database in AlphaCard Standard


AlphaCard is an intuitive ID card software loaded with user-friendly tools that allow you to design photo IDs and manage your ID card program. One of those tools is a configurable database that stores your card designs and cardholder records so you can access them on demand. A unified interface makes it easy to configure your database, handle records, and print documents.

When working with your database, there are two main views: Single Record View and Spreadsheet View. In Single Record View, you'll be working with one record at a time, while Spreadsheet View enables you to print or delete multiple records at once.

Within the toolbar, you'll find the following options for setting up your database, and performing a variety of tasks:

File Menu

  • Database Source – configure the database connection
  • Print – print the selected record in Single View, or multiple records in Spreadsheet View
  • Close – click to exit Database Setup

View Menu

  • Single Record View – view records individually
  • Spreadsheet View – view multiple records in a grid style
  • First Record – skip to the first record
  • Previous Record – move forward to the next record
  • Last Record – jump to the last record

Records Menu

  • Find – search your records
  • Find Previous – move to the previous records that matches your search criteria
  • Find Next – jump to the next record that meets the find criteria
  • Refresh Database – refresh the connected database to retrieve all records
  • Select Filter – limit the number of viewable records by creating a filter
  • Modify Record – modify individual or multiple records
  • Delete Records – delete single or multiple records
  • Add New Record – add a record to your database
  • Duplicate Record – make a duplicate copy of the selected database record

Tools Menu

  • Capture Image – capture an image from a digital camera or scan device
  • Customize Layout – customize the view layout

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