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Visual Secure Elements”: an acronym.

Fargo, a leading manufacturer of ID card printers and ID card systems, categorizes overlaminates they sell as either “Secure” or “High Secure”. The presence of what Fargo calls VSEs helps determine which designation a particular overlaminate receives.

Secure overlaminates have no VSEs. High Secure ID Cards can have up to 8 of them. These include:

Hidden Text - text that can be read only by laser. With Fargo’s Standard High Secure offering, six words are placed within a holographic image of our planet’s continents; with custom High Secure ID cards, you specify what words these are.

Nano Text - text that can be read only under high magnification. This is placed within the outline of one of the overlaminate’s images. In the Standard offering, the text is the word “VALID”.

Micro Text - again placed within the outline of an image; one step larger than nano text. Still, small enough to need magnification to be visible, and impossible to duplicate using laser, ink-jet, or dye sublimation ID card printers.

Morphing Images - like a Las Vegas neon sign, a succession of still images appearing one after the other to mimic movement on the finished ID card. Too laborious for counterfeiters to duplicate.

Flip Images - the image on the ID card flips (from left to right or top to bottom) into its mirror image as the surface of the ID card turns.

Fine Lines - like morphing images and flip images, these finely rendered lines appear to move – on Standard ID cards, they circle the image of our globe – when the ID badge is turned to certain angles.

Ribbon - another simulacrum of movement. In this case, ribbons on photo ID cards “flow”.

Pseudo Color - another holographic effect. Tilt ID cards one way, and you see an image made of metallic, holographic colors; tilt these identification badges the other way, and you see this image rendered in saturated, “true” colors.

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