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Fargo HDP6600XE Single-Sided 70010

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MSRP: $4,995
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Fargo HDP6600XE Overview

  • Printing Capability: Single or dual-sided
  • Print Technology: Reverse transfer
  • Print Speed: Full-color single-sided cards in 16 seconds
  • Input/Output: 100/200 cards
  • Warranty: 3 years global warranty with 3 years loaner coverage

The Fargo HDP6600XE features a high-resolution 600 dpi printhead that combines with innovative improvements to reverse transfer printing to create high-quality cards, with an industry-leading three-year warranty with loaner coverage.

High-Resolution Printing for Eye-Catching Cards

Unlike other printers that charge an upgrade fee, the 600 dpi printhead comes standard with the HDP6600XE printer. If you want bright colors, sharp text, clear micro text, and crisp barcodes, a high-definition 600 dpi printhead is what you need.

Durable Reverse Transfer Printing

The Fargo HDP6600XE uses reverse transfer printing technology to create cards that are more durable and higher quality than standard dye sublimation printed cards.

The reverse transfer printing process adds an extra layer of protection to your cards – the design is first printed onto a clear retransfer film, and then that film is applied to the card. This makes your cards more durable and more tamper resistant.

And for printing on uneven card surfaces, such as smart cards with embedded chips, a reverse transfer printer is the recommended option to prevent damage to the printhead.

Industry-Leading Print Speeds

Because the reverse transfer printing process has an extra step compared to dye sublimation, the printing process takes longer – but the new Fargo HDP6600XE printer, built upon six generations of Fargo HDP technology, has revolutionized the process.

The HDP6600XE takes only 16 seconds to print single-sided full color cards (and dual-sided in 29 seconds), making it competitive with the fastest printers of any type! The newly designed ribbon system allows the HDP6600XE to print one card while applying the transfer film to the next card, increasing production.

Using patient-pending iON technology to rapidly heat the transfer roller allows the printer to expediate the printing process. From start-up the printer can be ready to go in just 60 seconds, not the minutes you wait with other card printers.

Printer Options & Upgrades

The Fargo HDP6600XE is available with the following upgrades:

  • Single-sided printing
  • Dual-sided printing

HDP6600XE Printer Warranty

The Fargo HDP6600XE ID card printer comes with a three-year global warranty and lifetime printhead warranty, with three years of loaner coverage.

Technical Specs

Fargo HDP6600XE Reverse Transfer

Compare the Fargo HDP6600XE Reverse Transfer to other printers using the Printer Comparison Tool.

Single-Sided Printer
Dual-Sided Printer
AlphaCard Price
Single-Sided Printer
Dual-Sided Printer
Printer Coverage
3 Year
Loaner Coverage
1 Year
Printhead Coverage
Print Technology
Dye Sublimation
Re-Writable Printing
Card Capacity
Input Hopper
Output Hopper
Single Feed Mode
Print Speed
Full Color
Avg. Cost Per Card
Single-Sided Color
Single-Sided Black
Max. Ribbon Yield
Single-Sided Color
Single-Sided Black
Accepted Card Sizes
Card Thickness
30-40 mil
Features Call if options aren't available online
Available Encoding Options
Available Factory Options
Available Field Upgrades
Visual Security Features
Printer Lock Options
Connection Type
OS Compatibility
Windows 7
Windows 7 - 32 bit
Windows 7 - 64 bit
Windows 8
Windows 8 - 32 bit
Windows 8 - 64 bit
Windows 10
Windows 10 - 32 bit
Windows 10 - 64 bit
Windows Server 2008
Windows 2008 Server - 32 bit
Windows 2008 Server - 64 bit
Windows Server 2012
Windows 2012 Server - 32 bit
Windows 2012 Server - 64 bit
Mac Compatible
Physical Specs
13.0" x 14.50" x 12.0"
27 lbs
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