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EDU Visitor Management Software

Visitor management software specially designed for school settings

  • Manage all visitors from a single screen
  • Easily store visitor information, including custodial information, in your database
  • Available in four languages: English, Spanish, German & French
  • Four-hour remote installation & training
  • Option Support Plans: One or three-year support plan
  • Optional Upgrades: ODBC, LDAP database connectivity, remote visitor web pre-registration, district remote control
Customize Your System
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District Module
Price $4,064.99 MSRP $4,985.00
PassagePoint EDU Client License
Price $1,711.99 MSRP $1,721.99
Web Pre-registration Module for EDU
Price $4,064.99 MSRP $4,074.99
4 Hour Remote Installation & Training
Price $611.99 MSRP $621.99
Directory Link Add-Ons
MSRP $517.99 Price $507.99
MSRP $11,921.96 Starting Price $10,961.95 As Configured $10,961.95
Streamline Your School’s Visitor Management

With PassagePoint EDU visitor management software your school has an easy, customizable way to manage visitors. The simple drag and drop interface makes it quick to check in new visitors and the database can track all past and present school visitors.

PassagePoint Global visitor can improve your visitor check-in process in several ways:

  • Print visitor ID cards with barcodes, so visitors can quickly scan the ID as they enter your building
  • Kiosk Mode allows visitors to check themselves in and out of your building
  • (Optional upgrade) Web Pre-Registration lets you register visitors online before they arrive

If your school handles different types of visitors and staff members each day, you can create custom badge designs for each group. You can also designate certain fields as required depending on the type of visitor, making it easy to properly fill out the visitor database. Easily Track Employee Time & Attendance PassagePoint EDU can also be used to track your staff’s time and attendance, making it easy to use their ID cards to swipe in and out as they go on break or lunch.

Centralized Visitor Management If you will have multiple users managing the visitor check-in process or updating the database, you may want to consider the optional Directory Link Module, which allows up to 8 users to access the software and database at the same time.

If you need to manage the software and database from a centralized district location, the optional District Control Center allows you to access the visitor database and card designs in your school’s other locations.

System Requirements To run PassagePoint EDU visitor management software on your computer, you need Windows XP, Vista, or 7 with a duo core processor and a minimum of 2 GB RAM (4GB recommended) and 1GB minimum (2GB recommended) hard disk space.

To run PassagePoint EDU with the District Control Center Module, your server must use Windows 2003 or 2008 with a duo core processor, 2GB RAM and 2GB hard disk space.

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Windows XP, Windows Vista - 32 bit, Windows Vista - 64 bit, Windows 7 - 32 bit, Windows 7 - 64 bit, Windows 8 - 32 bit, Windows 8 - 64 bit, Windows 2000

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