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AlphaPass Composite Proximity Cards- 26 Bit TrueTrack

These cards boast compatibility across proximity card readers, utilizing the 26-bit Tracked format managed through the TrueTrack system. Their strong construction, made with 60% PVC and 40% PET, ensures durability and reliability for various security applications.

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AlphaPass Composite Proximity Cards- 26 Bit TrueTrack is available to buy in increments of 100

Why Choose AlphaPassProx Cards?

AlphaPass offers high-quality proximity cards designed for professional access control systems. These cards undergo rigorous testing to ensure durability, providing reliable security and simplified building entry.

Comparable to HID cards but at a fraction of the cost and lead time, AlphaPass cards offer a wide range of customizable options. They are compatible with various brands of card readers, including HID.

AlphaPass 35-Bit Corporate 1000 Compatible cards feature centralized card number management, preventing duplication, which is ideal for organizations with multiple locations.

Important Information to Know when Ordering Prox Cards

When ordering AlphaPassprox cards, you'll need three key pieces of information:

  • Your card format usually HID Compatible 35-bit (H5XXXX)
  • Your facility code found on the box of your current cards, ranging from 0 to 4,095
  • Your sequence start number each prox card has a unique sequence number (between 0 and 1,048,575), with no repeats. This information is also on your box.

Keep in mind when ordering AlphaPassprox cards:

  • Minimum order quantity: 100 cards
  • Lead time for orders of 1,000 cards or less: 3-5 business days
  • Lead time for orders over 1,000 cards: 3-5 business days
  • Customization may affect order processing time.

AlphaPassprox cards are not eligible for returns contact AlphaCard sales with any questions.

Unsure About Your Card Format or Facility Code?

To find your card format and facility code, check the box of your last order or your order invoice. If accessible, check your access control system. If unsure, AlphaCard can help send us your prox card, and if we can read and duplicate it, we'll produce the cards for you. Contact our sales team for assistance.

Composite Card Material

AlphaPass composite cards are made from a combination of PVC and polyester for enhanced durability and heat resistance, making them suitable for lamination.

Printing on Your Prox Cards

Customize prox cards for various purposes, making them easier to identify authentic cards and eliminating the need for additional ID badges.

By default, cards have a small brand logo and reference number printed in the lower left-hand corner.

Ordering Pre-Printed Cards

If you prefer not to print in-house, order professionally printed cards. This is ideal for those without an ID card printer or needing a large number of cards. Provide card artwork, and our experts offer custom card design services.

Pre-printed cards have an additional lead time (2-3 weeks after final approval) and a minimum order quantity of 250 cards. Full-color printing adds $0.75 per side/card, and Monochrome adds $0.25 per side/card.

Printing In-House

Print cards on-demand with an ID card printer, especially useful for printing individual cardholder information or photos.

If printing on AlphaPass cards in-house, use reverse transfer ID card printers to prevent damage to the printhead due to uneven surfaces.

Slot Punch Options

Display ID cards with accessories for enhanced security and accessibility.

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