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AlphaPass Clamshell Proximity Cards - 26 Bit TrueTrack

These high-quality cards boast a glossy finish, perfect for printing your desired design. They support the 26-bit Tracked format, backed by TrueTrack technology, ensuring compatibility and reliable performance. Comparable to HID 1326, these cards offer a reliable solution for your access control needs.

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AlphaPass Clamshell Proximity Cards - 26 Bit TrueTrack is available to buy in increments of 100

AlphaPass Proximity Cards for Enhanced Security

Engineered for professional access control systems, AlphaPass high-quality proximity cards undergo extensive testing to ensure longevity, simplifying building entry while maintaining security.

Offering a cost-effective alternative to HID cards, AlphaPass cards provide comparable performance with a wide array of customizable options. They are compatible with various card readers, including HID, making them versatile for different access control setups.

AlphaPass 35-Bit Corporate 1000 Compatible cards feature centralized card number management, preventing duplicates and streamlining operations for organizations with multiple locations.

Constructed from durable, thick white PVC, AlphaPass Clamshell prox cards are designed to withstand daily wear and tear. Programmed for 125 kHz proximity systems, they are commonly used in office buildings, large company campuses, schools and universities, and transportation facilities.

Key Information for Ordering Clamshell Prox Cards

When ordering your AlphaPassprox clamshell cards, ensure you have the following information:

  • Your card format typically HID Compatible 36 bit (H5XXXX)
  • Your facility code found on the box your current cards came in, ranging from 0 to 4,095
  • Your sequence start number each prox card has a unique sequence number (0 to 1,048,575), ensuring no repetition. This information is also provided on your box.

Considerations When Ordering AlphaPass Clamshell Prox Cards:

  • Minimum order quantity: 100 cards
  • Lead time for orders of 1,000 cards or less: 3-5 business days
  • Lead time for orders over 1,000 cards: 3-5 business days
  • Note that any customization may affect order processing time.

AlphaPassprox cards are not eligible for returns please contact AlphaCard sales with any questions.

Unsure About Your Card Format or Facility Code?

To find your card format and facility code, refer to the box of your last order or your order invoice. Alternatively, AlphaCard can assist simply send us your prox card, and we'll produce the cards for you at competitive prices.

Enhanced Printing Options

Customize prox cards for various purposes, including employee IDs, staff ID cards, and security passes. By default, cards feature a small brand logo and reference number printed in the lower left-hand corner.

Options for Pre-Printed or In-House Printing

Clamshell cards cannot be printed using an ID card printer. Customize them by printing your design on a thin CR79 10mil adhesive card and applying it to the surface of your clamshell card.

Slot Punching and Compatibility

Display ID cards with accessories such as lanyards or badge reels, requiring slot punching. Clamshell cards are only pre-punched with a vertical slot punch, and slot punching in-house is not recommended due to their thick materials.

Compatible Card Readers

Ensure compatibility with a range of card readers, including HID proximity readers, XceedID proximity readers, Schlage proximity readers, and aptiQ multi-technology readers.

Warranty and Technical Specifications

AlphaPass Clamshell cards come with a lifetime warranty against manufacturer defects, providing reliability and peace of mind for your security solution.

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